Public Health Alerts
Message # Date Sent Subject
103368-3-28-2017-PHAL    3/28/2017    Suspension of Mr. Saul N. Barson's Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty In..
103299-12-17-2016-PHAL    12/17/2016    Avian Influenza A H7N2 Infections in Cats at the Manhattan Animal Care Center S..
103287-12-2-2016-PHAL    12/2/2016    APHL and ASM Interim Guidance:Addition of Bacillus cereusbiovar anthracis as a..
103133-5-13-2016-PHAL    5/13/2016    Zika Testing of NJ Patients-UPDATE
102897-5-5-2015-PHAL    5/5/2015    Bringing Advanced Care Planning Conversations to New Jersey Communities
  Public Health Advisory
Message # Date Sent Subject
103501-12-1-2017-PHAD    12/1/2017    More Than a Dozen People in 3 NJ Counties May Have Been Exposed to Rabid Kitten
103490-11-2-2017-PHAD    11/2/2017    Brucella abortus RB51 isolated from New Jersey resident linked to raw milk cons..
103485-10-25-2017-PHAD    10/25/2017    CDC Health Advisory - Advice for Health Care Providers Treating Patients in or..
103469-9-28-2017-PHAD    9/28/2017    Elevated Levels of Mercury in Faiza No. 1 Beauty Cream - ACTION REQUESTED
103468-9-26-2017-PHAD    9/26/2017    Sentinel Laboratory Alert: Detection of Brucella abortus RB51
  Public Health Update
Message # Date Sent Subject
103498-11-22-2017-PHUP    11/22/2017    Raw milk associated Brucella abortus RB51 Guidance
103482-10-23-2017-PHUP    10/23/2017    Interim Guidance for the Diagnosis, Evaluation and Management of Infants with P..
103454-8-24-2017-PHUP    8/24/2017    The Hajj and Potential for MERS-CoV Importation
103449-8-9-2017-PHUP    8/9/2017    Updated NJDOH Zika Delivery Packet
103446-8-8-2017-PHUP    8/8/2017    NJDOH Updated Guidelines for Zika Testing
  Public Health Information
Message # Date Sent Subject
103505-12-14-2017-PHIN    12/14/2017    Syphilis Screening
103493-11-13-2017-PHIN    11/13/2017    Food Recall
103489-11-2-2017-PHIN    11/2/2017    Save the Date: STD Clinical Update March 28, 2018
103479-10-18-2017-PHIN    10/18/2017    Food Recalls
103475-10-16-2017-PHIN    10/16/2017    New Jersey Public Health Association Annual Health Conference